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Perfect for All of Your Metal Brazing Needs

You can make brazed joints in copper piping systems faster, better, and at a lower cost by using the Brazing Dimpler. Many individuals use fittings that are designed for soldering when they're brazing metal fittings as well. As a result, the socket depth is about two-thirds of the diameter of the tube. You need that overlap when using solder, but when braze welding, you just need to insert one of the tubes into the other at twice the thickness to develop a joint that is just as strong as the tube itself.

There's a Brazing Dimpler for Every Job

The Brazing Dimpler is our patented tool that limits the depth that a tube can be inserted into a fitting by making a dimple in the fitting.  By reducing the depth of insertion, the overlap is reduced, making it easier and faster to braze the joint properly with less brazing metal needed to get the job done.  While it may seem that reducing the overlap will reduce the strength of the joint, all that is needed for a brazed joint to be as strong as the copper is an overlap that is twice the thickness of the copper.  See the article "Conventional Wisdom" which was published in The Fabricator.  The latest development with this technology is the Automated Brazing Dimpler.  Dimple creation is done in just seconds  by using compressed air to form the dimple. It's fully adjustable to allow brazers to modify fittings from 3/4 to 8 inch in size and depth of insertion from 1/8 to 1-1/2 inches. The Brazing Dimpler Corporation in Greensboro, North Carolina, provides the following products:

Brazing Dimpler

Automated Air-Powered Brazing Dimpler With Adjustable Depth Stop $2,995.00
Air Powered Tabletop Unit
Price: $2,995.00

Light-Duty Brazing Dimpler III for Tube Sizes from 1/2 to 1 inch with Adjustable Depth Stop $59.95
Light Duty
Price: $59.95

Normal-Duty Brazing Dimpler II for Tube Sizes 3/4 Inch and larger. $59.95
Standard Duty
Price: $59.95

1-1/2" ASME B16.18 C87600 "No-lead" Cast Solder Joint Coupling for training and testing $35.00
1-1/2" ASME B16.18 C87600 "No-lead" Cast Solder Joint Coupling
Price: $35.00